The installation of a solar powered borehole at Chitsvedemo primary school

We at Zimconserve are delighted to announce a remarkable achievement this year amid a plethora of challenges that included the Covid-19 pandemic. To begin with,we have successfully installed a solar powered borehole at Chitsvedemo Primary School,Seke rural. With support of external partner,How Global, Zimconserve installed the borehole at the water crisis ridden institute for the benefit not only of the school alone,but the surrounding community as well. If the truth be told, the scarcity of potable water has become a cause for great concern in both the urban and rural areas.To underscore, the fact mentioned above,we had to sink down 70 metres against the standard 40 metres,in order to hit the water table. The initial phase(drilling and casing)was done on Monday 21 September 2020,which coincided with the World Peace Day. On the other hand, Zimconserve is also initiating a permaculture hub at the school by establishing fish ponds, nutrition gardens,bee keeping and mushroom farming. However,our long term goal is to initiate solar powered borehole projects as well as permaculture projects in several disadvantaged communities and schools. So therefore,it is our hope that some partners will come aboard to help in making this dream come true.

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