Zimconserve is a Zimbabwe-based charity whose mission is to promote the conservation of Zimbabwe’s biodiversity, wildlife and natural resources while working on building sustainable agricultural practices in order to alleviate poverty. This is achieved with innovative permaculture, conservation, sporting and educational programs.

Sustainable Agriculture

Zimconserve provides hands-on permaculture and agroforestry training-incorporating Master Tree Grower (M.T.G) Symposia and resources to farming communities.

Sport for Conservation

Through this initiative, we seek to engage children in wildlife conservation by tapping into the popularity and widespread appeal of sport in general and football in particular to raise awareness about the importance of protecting wildlife and their habitats.

Books and Computers Donations for Conservation

Zimconserve implements tree planting activities so as to replace trees and manufacture paper that results in books.

Art for Conservation

Zimconserve creates economic opportunities for artisan groups in Zimbabwe where livelihoods, communities, and craft traditions are marginal or at risk.

Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation

The wildlife and environment program aims to provide rural communities with the capacity for informed decision-making about land management and conservation and also focuses on the conservation of wildlife, biodiversity and natural resources.

Zimconserve Resource Centre

The Zimconserve Resource Centre was thoughtfully designed by a world-renowned architect Mick Pearce to provide a conducive environment for learning, creativity, and community building.

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Our Organisation

Zimconserve (PVO 31/12) was registered in July 2012 and operates as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Zimbabwe to promote Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation via the instruments of Sport, Art, Books and Computers donations, Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation activities.