About Our Organisation

Zimconserve (PVO 31/12) was registered in July 2012 and operates as a Non-Government Organization (NGO) in Zimbabwe to promote Sustainable Agriculture and Conservation via the instruments of Sport, Art, Books and Computers donations, Wildlife and Biodiversity Conservation activities.

Zimconserve Logo and Name

Zimconserve means Zimbabwe Conserve. Our logo symbolizes our vision for all less privileged communities in the country who look up to us for inspiration, to be strong in health, education, culture and identity and to face the world with confidence and hope.

The” O” letter is depicted by the Zimbabwean map on the name “Zimconserve”. Then there is the bulb inside which there stands a tree being watered to nourish it, symbolizing the determination with which Zimconserve conducts its projects and activities. The Tree and green color stands for life in all spheres: Sustainable Agriculture, Arts and Sport for Conservation, Book and Computer Aid towards Conservation and Wildlife and Biodiversity activities.

Our Mission

Zimconserve is a Zimbabwe-based charity whose mission is to promote the conservation of Zimbabwe’s biodiversity, wildlife and natural resources while working on building sustainable agricultural practices in order to alleviate poverty. This is achieved with innovative permaculture, conservation, sporting and educational programs.

Our Vision

Zimconserve’s vision is to see a prosperous Zimbabwe where young and elderly people collectively play a significant and meaningful role in sustainable development. Our focus areas are in improving and promoting education,  fighting HIV/AIDS, sport and art ,gender equality, empowerment and participation  of  deprived communities, agriculture, and conservation.

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Through the power of partnerships and synergies we can reach more needy communities to ensure marginalized communities also enjoy their lives today and into the future. Just like everyone else.