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The government has hailed Zimconserve for its efforts towards sustainable agriculture practices, which it is spearheading in communities within Mashonaland East province.
Speaking at the recently held Zimbabwe Master Tree Grower Agroforestry seminar 2018 edition, the Assistant District Administrator for Seke Rural, who was the guest of honour, Mr Erick Samunda, said community development can only be enhanced the moment communities begin to appreciate the many benefits of a well-managed environment through proper agricultural practices that defy deforestation, a plague that ultimately leads to land degradation, soil erosion and river siltation, not to mention the alteration of climatic conditions, which subsequently leads to erratic rainfall patterns through global warming.
“Mankind is his only worst enemy”, he said. “As you can see now, we are reaping the harvest of our reckless towards the environment. And it’s only us who can put an end to this”.
The 5-day seminar hosted by Zimconserve a local NGO drew participants from as far afield as Australia, Zambia and the ten provinces of Zimbabwe who converged at POSCO Korean centre in Chitungwiza which began on the 17th and ended on the 21st of September.
Speaking at the same occasion, the Founding Director Gabriel Mutongi exhorted the farmers to grow trees. “ I hope as we return to our various farms, we are going to set an example, by applying the priceless knowledge we have gained here”, he said, to the applause of the audience.
Also gracing the occasion was Mr Edmore Borowa from EMA who shared invaluable information on veld fires and the importance of erecting fireguards around farms.
The Aussies who are all experts in Agroforestry from an organisation called Beyond Subsistence did share their Australian experiences on Agroforestry taking the participants to the period when the British Colony once fell victim to reckless land use and deforestation by the early settlers. Leading the four-member team, were Jon Lambert, Peter and Josh Ronalds and Trevor Meers all from the different regions of vast continental Australia.
Agritex, who were represented by Susan Choto, Moline Chitungo and Chipo Mbonjani together with the Forestry Commission’s delegation of Lewis Radzire and Lucias Mujuru, all unanimously echoed the same sentiments regarding the need to safeguard the environment for the present and future generations.
The Party also partook in bus tours to farms and schools to appreciate the efforts initiated by Zimconserve, where the tourists had the opportunity to see greenhouses, bee-keeping projects, tree-nursery projects, fish farming ponds, in Seke, Goromonzi and Beatrice areas.

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