Coaching Clinic for Social Impact

We at Zimconserve are delighted to announce a remarkable achievement regarding undertaking a successful coaching clinic for Social Impact Business from the 18th of September to Friday the 22nd 2023.

We received Elvis of Coaches Across Continents at Road port terminal Harare in the evening of the16th of September 2023, a Saturday. Come Sunday, and Elvis took the opportunity and time to prepare, acclimatize and rest ahead of the following day. Then come Monday the 18th and we were at the Unit L grounds at 10:30 am with two teams of boys and girls. Coach Elvis’ playlist we soon gathered begins with the Circle of Friends concept, which he skillfully conducts. Mingle Mingle interaction game then follows only to take a break courtesy of Martha Da Silva’s skills session. Each and every player is afforded the chance to partake in this football skills session inspired by the legendary female Brazilian soccer ace Da Silva.

A short match pitting the girls and boys players then followed, before the consuming Tomato dance moves were introduced and thrown into the fray. We broke for lunch at 1400 hours. At 1500 hours, Coach Elvis was conducting his theory lessons in our church room for the leaders. His message was very clear: Sport applied purposefully could be instrumental at advancing social change. And everybody in attendance nodded in agreement. He finally outlined the 12 cardinal rules mandatory to the agenda of Sport for Social Impact, in various spheres and spaces of life such as UN SDG 3 Good Health and Well Being, UN SDG 4 Quality Education, UN SDG 5 Gender Equality, UN SDG 13 Climate Action. Day one (1) classes ended memorably at 1600 hours.

The following morning, we were at Seke 3 High school and Coach Elvis did not disappoint at all. He was at his usual best enthralling and captivating the participants with his polished act. He dished out the usual fare of games such as Circle of Friends, Mingle Mingle, Tomato and new one Ronaldo skills. Again, we left the boys and girls asking for more. The sports leaders in attendance at the school could not hide their excitement also as they poured compliments to Mr Nshimba’s coaching prowess during the theory session.

Seke 13 Primary School which shares boundaries with Seke 3 High was the next port of call on Wednesday the 20th.The kids comprising both girls and boys were also left asking for more as Elvis never ceased to amaze, with his seemingly ceaseless games in his bag. Each session had its own set of new games, apart from the flagship games, that include Mingle Mingle, Circle of Friends and Tomato. And as per the norm, after each practical field session naturally an oral session would follow.

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