Football Academy Report

Football as a popular sport is instrumental in driving our core mission and values towards empowering vulnerable youths socially and economically. We employ it to get them off the streets, far from drug-related crimes in particular and vice in general. No doubt football wields the enviable power to attract hordes of followers and hence we duly capitalize on that influence to further our interests, going forward. We derive a lot of benefits from sport, that include among others self-discipline, health and wellness and good interpersonal communication skills.

A case study of some youths, we initiated into our football academy aptly named Zimconserve Tigers Football Club reveals these: besides partaking in the sport, the youngsters both boys and girls collectively embraced the ideals of self-help income-generating projects such as market gardens and fish farming, we do alongside sport. Towards that end, we have created robust fish ponds and nutrition gardens from which the beneficiaries are reaping the rewards of their toil. Every other 6 months they harvest fish for sale and personal consumption. The same cycle applies to the vegetables which they reap at intervals to benefit themselves.

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